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Dance Floors

Black or White Starlit Dance Floors. Available in sizes from 6'x6' upwards in scale by 2' additions (6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22 etc)

It is possible to order rectangular setups for exampe 6'x4', 12'x18'


Aisle or Catwalk Runway Setups are usually 4',6' or 8' in width and with a length as required. 

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Pipe and Drape

Pipe & Drape

Our Pipe & Drape Provision is a bespoke service. Please contact us for a detailed pricing for the work to be undertaken. using the contact form below.

Under the 'Your Prices' button, we can provide draping in some of our most popular hire formats... for wedding backdrops, to create exhibition zones, hide walls, make unique spaces or completely cover perimeters and neutralise  spaces. 



Black / White / Ivory / Red, Silver Ruffled (Cinema style)

Starlit DMX on Black Wool Serge  


We provide some standard pricing on our most popular canopy styles and sizes. Further to this, we can design a scheme appropriate for the event / or space and where necessary, arrange a site visit.

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