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Wedding Drapes, ceiling Canopies for Your Venue in lancashire, Chorley

Beautiful wedding canopies and drapes for your special day can be the most stunning addition to your venue space. Set above the ceremony, top table, centre of the room, or dance floor, wherever you choose to have them installed, you are sure to create a magical setting. Depending on your colour scheme, we’ll even provide twinkle lights and fabric to match! Wherever you have your wedding, whether it's Chorley, Lancashire, London or Scotland, we’re able to prepare a bespoke design and quotation just for you.

Fringe String Suspensions

Bespoke Quotes

Whether you require full or part ceiling drape coverage, we are able to supply and install for all kinds of events. Each venue is different and is charged according to 4 main factors:

 Span Dimensions of the Area to Cover

 Room Height

 Number of Fixings Required

 Fabric Type Required (Typically Organza or Satin)


Ceiling Spider Canopy £ - P.O.A

The Ceiling Spider Canopy is one of our most popular and cost effective room enhancements. The spider canopy, so called because of the outspanning 'legs' of fabric, are often installed in a central position to the room or above areas such as dance floors. Any number of legs are generally possible but with the option to add further accessories such as twinkle lights and central features, just get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Fringe String £ - P.O.A

A stunning, modern, and stylish venue dressing feature, the fringe string can be installed in many different ways, either tethered to current roof or ceiling fittings or utilising suspended bars. The fringe string is available in various colours and lengths according to your requirements. Our fringe string is grade ‘A’ quality, producing a thicker wall of strings.

Linen Panel Draping £ - P.O.A

In the image below, elegant panels of cream linen soften and shape the flat suspended ceiling. This venue in West Bradford near Clitheroe lends itself well to this style of draping and the 7 panels create the ideal romantic setting at any time of year. 

Fun Drapes and Ceiling Canopies £ - P.O.A

Colourful room and ceiling drapes available for any event and in a range of colours. These drapes can be integrated with additional features such as twinkle or venue up-lights and balloons. Drapes add a unique enhancement to your spaces, producing a fun and stylish element to the occasion.

Pom-Poms, Lanterns, and Feature Suspensions £ - P.O.A

A range of feature products are available to be suspended above your event to create either a quirky visual statement, or a stunning and vintage shabby chic feel. With just wicker hearts and bunting, you can create the elegant and vibrant look you’re searching for.

Get in touch with us, in Chorley, Lancashire, for more details on our wedding drapes and canopies.

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